SDP on Python Programming

Computer Science and Engineering department has organized three days Student Development Program on Python Programming with Hands on sessions under CISCO from 17th August 2023 to 19th August 2023 and the timing was from 10:00 AM to 4:50PM. This Student Development Program was carried out for three days where students were exposed to programming environment and sessions were mainly focused on in detailed knowledge of Python Programming. The Inauguration of the Program was started at 10:30 AM on 17th August 2023, for this program the guest of honor was the Mrs. Vaishnavi Malusare, the expert speaker, Dr. S. V. Balshetwar, HOD CSE department, yashoda technical campus, and all the Staff members and third year students of computer science and engineering department were present for the program. And inauguration anchoring was done by the third year student Ms. Muskan Sayyad, and Introduction about the expert speaker is given by the Head of the department Dr. S. V. Balshetwar. The Student Development Program on “Python Programming with Hands-on session” was conducted by Mrs. Vaishnavi Malusare, she covered sessions with fundamental concepts of Python Programming, if-else, looping, class and object creation in python, Data Structures in python, Exception Handling, file handling, modules in python, GUI making and SQLite connectivity, and hands on Programming on it, along with this student were learned to build their own mini project. By doing project student gained hands on knowledge and experience too. She guided student about Scope of Python Programming and also the carrier opportunities available in market.